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We are a leading recruitment agency specialist in health and social care employment. We equally provide a team of specialist community nurses as well as hospital staff / care givers throughout London and its surrounding suburbs, to private and public organisations

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Care is provided according to our client's needs

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In recent years community services have been transformed through reattribution of limited public finances to maximise efficiency, turnover and the winding down and closure of facilities such as day hospitals and day centres

Beyond statutory agents
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Therapeutic presence
Helping with the process of healing
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Work Process

Recruitment Process


identifying the Needs and JD

This depends on the area where we find a need for staff. Based on the experience we try to cover the major responsibilities and create a job description


Find a talented candidate

We advertise and find the talented candidates locally and internationally


Screening and shortlisting

We take interviews and shortlist candidates and recruit.

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Jobs 2229 provides

Supported living care and Semi independent

We offer a range of temporary /permanent housing options and services to support clients or customers with additional needs. We work in partnership with Local Authorities and community agencies.


Supported living

* Support for Homeless Families
* Supported Housing Schemes
* Mental Health
* Learning disabilities
* Adult Care


Semi independent care

We support semi-independent care and assist in providing accommodation and support for the young people.

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What Our Client Say

Amanda Smith

The staff from Uriel Care were so helpful. They made my mother as comfortable as possible and I am ever so greatful for that.

Thomas Paemols

I have used different care agencies in the past but Uriel Care is next to none. Great Professionalism and will use again.

Sansa Andrea

One of the things that I admire most about Uriel Care is their dedication to the job. My daughters carer was very professional but yet warm and compassionate.

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